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Please read the following instructions carefully

General Instructions

  1. Total duration of the examination is 90 minutes (1.50 hours).
  2. Total number of questions in examination are 80 questions.
  3. There are three sections to the FTS test and below is the break up of the questions per section:
    Listening Section -   30 Questions
    Reading Section -   30 Questions
    Writing Section -   20 Questions

  4. The clock will be set to the server. For each section time limit will be defined and if the student is not able complete in particular time frame then he/she will be logged out of that section and moved to next section. Total duration in minutes and countdown will be in minutes and seconds.
  5. Each question is associated to complexity level (Low-Medium-High). The complexity levels will be associated to certain marks; on that basis evaluation will be done.
  6. Student clicks on the submit button in the last section to complete the examination.